A first and/or second shielding element for coaxial cable.
The ‌weight 40 ~ 60% less than copper wire at equal volume.
The lowest insertion loss.
The best radiation resistance.
The excellent thermal and dimensional stability

The shielding effectiveness with Teracon is dependent on details of cable design.


The ‌weight savings of up to 80% over metal braiding.
The conductivity and corrosion resistance of nickel or the solderability of silver. 
The superior performance against EMI/RFI. 
The excellent performance in high-vibration, high-stress applications. 
It can be braided with conventional metal together. 

75/25 blended braids of TERACON® with either nickel or silver-plated copper wire are available for improved low frequency shielding and lightning protection .


TERACON® can be used with traditional textile machinery and are also washable. 
The excellent adhesion of the metal cladding provides reliability of wearable device.  It can be soldered for the high temperature application.